Museum-Based Online Learning

I conduct research examining how museums engage audiences through online learning. I am particularly interested in interactive online learning with audiences of all ages. This includes school based programs, public programs, teacher professional development, and many others. This does not include static virtual tours, online games, or other online educational content that does not include synchronous or asynchronous interaction with an educator.

Family Engagement in Museums

Along with Dr. M. Gail Jones at North Carolina State University, I conduct research on how families can support the science interests and career aspirations of underrepresented youth through museum-based family science programs. We found that engaging in a year long, family science program was beneficial for all participants including caregivers and children.  You can learn more about this project, Families and Museums Exploring, here.

Museum Education

As a former museum educator, I am very passionate about the development of current and future museum educators. To this end, I have conducted research on museum educators' levels of confidence in their ability to do their job. Dr. Jones and I examined how skillful museum educators felt in various tasks associated with their position. The areas where they felt the least skillful were in facilitation and physical science content knowledge. This study will be available in August 2020.