I am the Assistant Curator of Museum Education at the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida. My research focuses on a variety of aspects surrounding learning in museum settings. This includes research on museum educators' professional pathways and self-efficacy related to teaching in informal settings. Additionally, I explore the influences of museum-based programs on the STEM interests and career aspirations of underrepresented youth and adult participants. 

Honors and Awards

2019       Sigma Xi North Carolina State University Chapter Graduate Research Award
2019       NC State University Graduate Student Research Symposium- First Place College of Education 
2018       National Science Foundation ITEST Fellow
2017        William & Ida Friday Graduate Student Fellowship
2017        Agnes & Garfield Stiff Scholarship
2017        NCSU Graduate Student Association Travel Award
2017        National Science Foundation Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide: Australia
2017        Applied Research in Immersive Environments for Learning (ARIEL) AERA SIG Best Paper Award
2017        Informal Learning Environments Research (ILER) AERA Special Interest Group Travel Award
2016        National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
2016        North Carolina Science Leadership Fellow
2016        Ecology Project International Research and Education Fellow
2014        Educators of Excellence, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences


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Scholarly Publications
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Other Publications
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44 National and International Conference Presentations

27 Regional, State, and Local Conference Presentations

13 Teacher In-Service Presentations

8 Invited and Campus Presentations