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Gotta tuck in those leggies to conserve water loss!

(DYK that is why treefrogs tuck their leggies in?)

Save The Date for Black Mammalogists Week, Sept 13-18! Got a dope planning crew and we've got tons of awesome themes coming. Share widely to whoever is interested in #mammals! #BlackMammalogists 🐆🦬🐳

thx to @penandpangolin for the dope art in the shape of #BlackPower fist!
AFishNamedMeg photo

I’m thinking about our lack of good crisp data on the #museum field and the challenges of gathering it I’m realIzing what we really need is a Museum Census. Periodic detailed snapshot, heavy compliance effort, with targeted sampling as a complement.

Why beliefs about learning styles may actually hurt students.

🚨IT'S HERE!!!🚨

We @soapboxproject_ are launching Action Abridged, a newsletter that summarizes books on racial justice & tells you how to *apply* these concepts at your tech co.

10 books. 5 min reads. $5/summary. Proceeds to @ColorOfChange!


We had the most adorable frog on our porch last night. @inaturalist suggests it’s a greenhouse frog- native to Cuba but common in Florida. It was so tiny, see the nail for scale in the first photo. AFishNamedMeg photo