My five top resources for graduate students

Why are we doing a listacle about resources? This week has been super busy between a conference in LA last weekend, preparing for post-interviews, NanoDays next week, and our STEM Education Research Symposium last night.

So I’m a little behind on a blog post for this week. I wanted to write something on the differences between practitioner and research conferences but that may come next week when I have some more time to organize my thoughts. So for this week, I decided to share the top resources I found during my first year of my PhD.

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About ME

Welcome to My Blog

I want to welcome you to my blog. This feels like the first day of class when the professor asks everyone to stand up, say your name, your program, your year, and something interesting about yourself. How do you decide? Do you stick with the easy stuff like “Hi, I’m Megan. I’m in my second year in the STEM Education Doctoral Program. I’m from Indiana, I have two sisters, and a cat”? Or do you get a little more interesting and tell everyone “Hi, I’m Megan. I’m in my second year in the STEM Education Doctoral Program. Last year I got to swim with a whale shark”?


Either way it goes, by the time your turn is over and you’re half way around the room you think of a really cool story you wish you had told. That’s sort of how I feel writing this first blog post. However, the great thing here, as opposed to class, is that I get to tell as many stories I want.

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